Arborist Reports

Arborist Reports

Many community councils require you to submit an arborist report prior to a development project or building. This report uncovers a thorough evaluation of how trees on the land can either be preserved appropriately or safely removed. Essentially, it’s a home inspection, but for your entire land.


What a Report Can Include

An evaluation of the soil and trees on your land can be incredibly informative, uncovering everything from tips on how to be maintain soil and pest management to information on the trees, including species and heights. Any problems, diseases or infestations affecting the trees on your property will also be disclosed in the report, as well as the important advice on how to remove a tree hazard.


Basic Types of Arborist Reports


Hazard Tree Risk Assessments

If a law permit or overlay is preventing the removal of a tree, this assessment can justify the tree’s disposal need.


Tree Management Plans

For big areas open to the public, these plans are necessary to ensure public safety.


Pre-Development Vegetation Assessments

This helps determine the entire retention value of the trees that exist on your site.


Development Application Reports

In some cases, you may have already moved past pre-development before a council requires an arborist report. This report will help propose efforts to make accommodations for tree that grow on your property.

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