Eviron Group specialises in Asset inspection and Vegetation Management services around infrastructure such as Electrical Networks, Communications Services, Rail Lines, Roads and Pipelines.
We understand the importance of maintaining assets to meet regulatory standards and can help you achieve these goals whether government or industry specific. We work with you to ensure all works are compliant, all actions accountable and provide total transparency along the way.


Assuming responsibility for your asset maintenance, our first task is to identify the scope of works. We use our industry-leading digital system to geographically map and identify your assets, recording every vital detail. This helps us to plan the scope of the work, which includes regular asset inspections and safety checks.

Whether electrical power, roadside utility networks or infrastructure, a combination of ongoing inspections, condition reports, and regular operational reviews keep all stakeholders on the same page throughout the relationship.


Take advantage of our experienced and accredited Arborists to meet the vegetation management requirements for your companies assets. Our expert team can take day-to-day vegetation control off your hands with a combination of hand, machinery, and herbicide treatments, including shrub and tree removal or pruning.

While risk mitigation is an important part of our vegetation management system, when an emergency strikes, Eviron Group are ready to secure your assets, whether it’s complex hazard tree removal, or creating safe, site access to fire trails through track clearing.


Our qualified team are trained to the highest safety standards, allowing them to safely utilise their skills and equipment in asset maintenance practices including (but not limited to) Elevated Work Platform (EWP) work and tree climbing and securing the safety of your site..

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