Many businesses seek Arborist services in order to maintain the safety levels of their customers, patrons, members and guests. There’s many reasons you may need an experienced arborist It could be a precarious branch overhanging a path, a large tree that is beginning to overhang a balcony, or a natural focal point that’s starting to look a little worse for wear.

Due to the nature of some businesses, however, for a variety of reasons you may be unable to close your doors for the work to take place. This is where the general safety procedures and practices your arborist team implement become of paramount importance.

For hotels and resorts, shopping centres, golf courses and more, we help you continue with business as usual, thanks to a strong combination of dedicated training, constant maintenance, and team experience.


Training & Expertise

Our expectations of our team are high. Each team member is highly trained and aware of the expectations of both our clients, and Eviron Group. Our priority is to ensure that hazards are removed, while keeping spaces safe for the present as business continues, as well as the future.

Incorrect lopping can affect public safety. Our team are specifically trained in safe tree removal, pruning, and assessing tree health. We hope that our relationships with our clients are long-term, meaning we can work with your team to help you to monitor the ongoing health of your environment.

By choosing Eviron to manage your trees, you’re also preventing putting your own team in harm’s way! Your maintenance team might be fantastic all-rounders, but there are some procedures that require specialisation – and tree surgery is certainly one of them. While it’s certainly foresight to remove potentially hazardous situations before they arise, keep your team safe by enlisting the services of an expert team.  And remember – a tree that’s been lopped off incorrectly by an untrained member of your own grounds team can often create a larger problem that you’ll need professional help with down the track.



When operating a business that works with the public, preventative maintenance is truly the best safety practice you can employ. The Eviron team are experts in tree surgery on existing branches, which means you can create a safe environment around a potential hazard.

Utilising one of our team members to assess your site may prevent the unfortunate loss of a great natural asset.

You might require maintenance when it comes to keeping your property safe for:

  • Storm preparation
  • Tree pruning
  • Ongoing asset management



You’d be surprised by the extended range of services our arborist team can safely offer! Think:

  • Aerial and ground based tree works
  • Tree surgery
  • Stump grinding

Our emergency response team are also available in your moment of need to quickly and safely rectify your situation.



We are experienced in managing strict contractual obligations of our clients, and adhering to your own safety guidelines, protocols,and procedures is as important as adhering to our own. 

With an extensive background in Workplace Health and Safety, we want you to feel completely at ease with our team, which is why we are happy to provide SWMS and Safe Operating Procedures upon request.

Let’s continue business as usual, while protecting your guests or customers, as well as your beloved trees.