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Arboricultural Services Provided to Councils and Government Authorities

Councils and local government officials have the responsibility of providing and maintaining green, healthy areas of urban woodlands on available land located within their jurisdictions. These green spaces may include parks, nature strips, countryside creeks, highway median strips and streets with plants and flowers. These different areas often contain a wide variety of trees, shrubs, flowers and weeds and may need frequent upkeep. Only well qualified, professional arborists with extensive experience are prepared to meet the many regulations of local government authorities for providing optimal caliber standards of arboricutural services to plant or replant, nurture and maintain these natural public spaces.


At the Eviron Group, our team of arborist specialists is highly proficient in preparing arborist reports for use by councils and local government officials. These reports propose recommendations for designing and maintenance of these areas while preserving and adding to their healthy natural vegetation. Professional tree care is a major part of the landscaping and upkeep of these areas. There are important reasons why local councils and government leaders benefit from working with highly skilled and experienced arboriculture experts, including the following:


Eviron Group Experts Identify Vegetation Types Easily.
– Skilled aboricultural professionals like the Eviron Group can easily identify vegetation species, removing weeds that can choke out green plants and flowers planted in public spaces to enhance natural beauty. At the same time, they plant and nurture healthy, attractive plant life according to regulations of the Department of Evironment and Resource Management and local officials.


Our Team Is Quality Assurance Accredited.
– Eviron experts are highly responsible tree maintenance and management providers with Quality Assurance Accreditation and Public Liability insurance.


Eviron Group Upholds Highest Arborist Standards.
– Our company consistently observes and upholds the International Pruning Standard AS-4373-2007.


Our Eviron Experts Hold Respected Industry Memberships.
– The Eviron Group belongs to such highly respected professional organizations as the Urban Development Institution of Australia (UDIA), Arboriculture Australia and the International Sociey of Arboriculture (ISA).


We Focus on Creating and Preserving a Green Evironment.
– At Eviron, our purpose and primary focus is to ensure a healthy, green environment for present and future generations by performing optimal quality arboriculture.

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