Development & Building

Specialised Tree Care for Development and Building

Our Eviron tree care specialists are known for their expertise in all areas of arboriculture. We provide optimal quality tree planting, management and maintenance services as well as consulting for property development companies, builders, contractors and landscaping businesses. Eviron’s team of top rated arborists can enable developers, builders, contractors and landscapers to avoid problems and serious setbacks that can occur if tree root systems are damaged during building site excavation.


With your extensive professional experience as property developers, you are well aware that councils protect many trees, and these councils will require the submission of arborist reports or landscaping management plans for all proposals of special care, regular maintenance or removal of these trees. The Eviron Group always adheres to these requirements as specified in AS 4970 — 2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites.


Our Eviron Group professional arborists are not merely tree loppers. This fine team has the knowledge, training, skills and experience to supply your property development project with a wide selection of tree and land care services. We offer an extensive array of qualifications and work with the latest technological advancements to ensure you of factual and highly reputable arboricultural advice and services.


Our tree care experts use highly effective digital tools such as the CAD drawing program, the necessary Structural Root Zones (SRZ) and Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) as well as the extent of essential TPZ fencing for your property development project. When used in combination with ground penetrating radar (GPR), CAD can accurately calculate spatial rights of development property owners while protecting the well-being of existing trees. The root system placement of trees can be correctly identified before ground breaking begins, which is significantly cost-effective.

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