Your trees require utmost care for them to remain in good health and look beautiful. It is good for you to have the tree checked by someone with knowledge tree restoration when it is extremely damaged or diseased. A tree surgeon performs several tree services as stated below.


Tree restoration

A tree may be damaged by such things as a storm, pests, disease or being hit by construction equipment. Cutting down the damaged trees is usually not the best decision. The tree can be restored to its ideal state and allowed to heal.

A tree surgeon takes care of the tree by removing the damaged parts and supporting the weak areas of the tree. Using their skill and experience, they help trees to heal from extreme damage and injury thereby saving the tree from a likelihood of dying out. Their work is also important because it can save structures and people in the compound from the possibility of injury and damage.


Tree diagnosis and treatment

Several diseases affect trees. If not treated, diseases may spread from tree. A surgeon will diagnose and treat the tree accordingly. He or she can also deal with other issues that may be causing ill health to your trees. Treatment may take several forms including pruning, adding nutrients to the soils around the tree, and spraying the tree among other methods.


Pest removal

Pests may damage a tree or spread diseases. It is essential that any pests found on trees are dealt with as soon as you notice them. A tree surgeon identifies a pest infestation and uses chemicals to get rid of the pests. The surgeons are knowledgeable in identifying the type of pests to determine the best control method. They also restore trees that have been severely damaged by pests.


Tree pruning and trimming

If your tree is not trimmed correctly, there is a chance that it will spill out of control by becoming too big. The dense branches may break off or touch the utility lines in the process. Tree pruning involves safe removal of branches while trimming involves giving the trees a perfect shape so that it looks great in your compound.

Consider using professional tree care for tree management practices rather than doing it on your own. Arborists have the skill and equipment to ensure that your trees remains healthy and also look beautiful.