Preparing for emergencies and mitigating risk is a vitally important process for growing and established businesses. Natural or other disasters can be catastrophic, causing death or serious injury, loss of property, plant and assets, and loss of income.

Hailing from Northern NSW and Southern Queensland, the Eviron Group team know a thing or two about natural disasters, and the effects even a storm can have on electrical networks, roads, and trees.


Whether your business or land is within an area prone to bushfires or floods, or you know storm season can cause strife for the current setup of your utilities, we can help. Eviron Group can inspect and prepare you for storm season well ahead of time.

Whether you have concern over a particular tree in relation to electrical lines or roads, (Another point we can add here?) allow us to visit your site and provide a quote..


When you require urgent rectification, utilise our 24/7 rapid response team. Eviron Group always have a team on call ready to provide aid, whether in the midst of a storm, or in the aftermath.

Allow us to safely inspect your site and provide a thorough damage assessment, as well as rapid rectification.


Our qualified team are trained to the highest safety standards, allowing them to safely utilise their skills and equipment in asset maintenance practices including (but not limited to) Elevated Work Platform (EWP) work and tree climbing and securing the safety of your site.


Whether fire, wind, rain or lightning, at their worst, all have the power to bring down trees and power lines, or poles. In the wake of disaster, our team are trained and ready to move, remove, or repair a tree or line that is no longer safe, or may be blocking safe access. (Another point we can add here?)

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