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Eviron Group Answers Your Most Pressing Questions

We have compiled some most frequently asked questions from the clients that we have served in the past. We have posted the most accurate answers to the questions asked. However, if you have any other question, please contact us.

Can I get a quote for tree works by calling you?

There are no standard quotes for tree works. Every tree and the ground where it is planted is different from any other tree. Therefore, one of our tree surgeons would like to see the tree in the question as well as the surrounding structures so that he or she can determine how to work on the tree. Moreover, you may believe that the tree needs to be cut only for the arborist to recommend trimming or pruning.

What are the best actions for a storm-damaged tree?

The action to be performed on the tree depends on the damage done by the storm. In the meantime, keep away people and animals from the tree until an arborist looks at it. There may be other damage that may not be apparent. Therefore, it is vital to consult an arborist as soon as you notice that the tree has been damaged. The tree may damage property and cause injury if there is a delay in assessing the storm damage. Please look at our blog on ways to prepare your trees for a storm season.

Do your cover indemnify us against damage caused during the tree works?

Yes, our Public liability cover takes care of any damage done on your home and structures. Otherwise, we take utmost care to ensure that we limit any possible damage. The cover handles any unforeseen damage that may occur.

Can you remove large trees that are giving us problems?

We have the skill and equipment to treat and/or remove very large problematic tree safely. We would like to look at the tree to advise on the best steps to take. Contact us so that we can book you in for a consultative meeting.

What is done during tree surgery?

Tree surgery is a remedial procedure done on a tree to help restore it to its original health. The surgery provides intensive care for trees that have been severely damaged. Most trees can ensure extreme conditions for years. However, they may deteriorate due to mechanical injury, pest infestation, storm or diseases. If a tree is extremely damaged, tree surgery may be the solution to deal with its ill health.

What actions should I take on my tree that I suspect that has an insect or disease problem?

The best action for a tree that you suspect to be diseased or where you find some insects is to call our arbor care service. We are unlikely to determine the insects or disease over the phone. We need to send an arborist to inspect your tree before we offer any assistance. You are free to book a consultative meeting with our team at any time.

Some branches of my neighbor’s tree are overhanging my fence. Can I cut them?

Cutting down the branches may put you in a tricky situation even though it is allowed by the law. The decision depends on your circumstances. The act on dispute resolution was enacted to deal with such complex issues. Unfortunately, it puts forward several scenarios that it becomes difficult to sift through all of the solutions. If you find it hard to interpret the act, contact us to check on your circumstances and advise on the best way forward.

Why is stump grinding done?

It is essential to remove the stump after cutting down a tree. This is because the stump can become a health hazard or house insects such as white ants and termites which may cause lots of damage to structures in your compound. Stumps also ruin a great appearance of your yard. These reasons make stump grinding suitable for your compound.

Is there a difference between pruning and lopping?

Most of the tree care professionals that care, prune and maintain trees are called loppers. This is a common mistake. Unfortunately, tree lopping is not good for the health of your tree. It may cause irreparable damage and cost you several times as much to take care of the tree. We have a detailed explanation of the difference between the two and service providers in our blogs to help you make a decision.

Do you remove all the tree remains and refuse from the compound after tree works?

Once we complete the tree work, we collect all the refuse from your compound and take it away. The waste may include cuttings, leaves, and logs. We do not accumulate the refuse until we are done, we collect them on a daily basis.

However, we may leave some leaves to make mulch for use in your garden. However, if you need large quantities of mulch, we can supply aged mulch inexpensively from our stores.

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