Golf Course Maintenance

Golf Course Maintenance

Eviron Group, offering tree maintenance in the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers areas, provides a wide range of tree care services. We tackle trimming, removal, consulting, as well as risk assessment, risk reduction, and hazard removal.


To sustain the aesthetic vibrancy of a golf course, it’s vital that tree maintenance and proper tree management remain at an all-time high. Left uncared for, trees not properly maintained can make an entire golf course unsightly. More importantly, it can make it unsafe for people, which is simply not an option when trying to uphold a high-quality golf establishment.


Allowing Eviron Group to come in and regularly perform extensive risk assessments will ensure that you are keeping your grounds at the optimum public safety requirements. Plus, anything hazardous that needs to be removed from the grounds is taken care of, too.


Why Eviron Group for Your Golf Course Maintenance

While it’s true that there are different groups qualified to handle lawn maintenance and golf course care, Eviron Group is a team of trusted arborists that don’t just care about the appearance of the golf course. We also care about the long-term health of the grass and trees present on the property, and we do everything in our power to let the natural beauty of the vegetation on the land shine through.


Not only will we help extend the health of the golf course’s land, but we also have a quick response team capable of assisting you in a timely fashion. We know how important it is for a golf course to maintain all public safety obligations around the clock, which is why we aim to provide that, no matter what.

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