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Council & Government

We provide ongoing services to various council and government building grounds, performing routine maintenance and providing regular risk assessments.

Shopping Centres

We provide corporate consulting to shopping centres, as well as routine asset management and maintenance. Our team can tackle everything from tree surgery to regular vegetation maintenance and tree management.

Schools & Universities

We provide ongoing services to various universities and schools, including routing tree management and pruning. Risk assessment, regular reports, and simple advice and consultations are all services that our arborists are trained to handle with schools as well.

Development & Building

Many councils require the submission of a report prior to a development project or may even require a permit when trying to remove a tree, for which a tree specialist is the only one qualified. Our team of expert arborists understand the criteria necessary for each type of tree to be qualified to be removed, and we can do all the boring paperwork for you, too.

National Parks

As beautiful as most national parks are, they simply don’t thrive without a team of expertly trained arborists. Rather, a lot of routine maintenance goes in to keeping a national park at peak condition. We’re able to improve public safety and eliminate weeds, various insects, and disease using routine maintenance and risk reduction.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents know as well as we do that they’re not going to be able to sell their property as easily as they would if the grounds were in optimal condition. Our team of arborists can come in and ensure that the property looks its absolute best on the tree and vegetation side.

Theme Parks

While there’s not a lot of green in theme parks, you may recall seeing a tree here and there, or see weeds and other vegetation pop up throughout cemented areas. Our team of arborists work hard to improve the look of all trees and other vegetation present in theme parks with regular tree and vegetation maintenance.

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