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The perfect choice for resorts, real estates, body corporates, Theme Parks and golf courses.

Eviron Group offer maintenance programs to a wide variety of commercial enterprises, from shopping centres to schools,resorts and leisure courses.

Maintenance is key to upholding the value and continued use of your site and assets. Whether it’s your next property development, or an established outdoor site, our team of arborists are trained in the safe and effective execution of a wide variety of land care services.


There’s no substitute for the tranquility, positive footprint, and aesthetics of trees. Trees provide privacy, colour, and better air quality. When layered at various heights, they also help to break down the heat often trapped in ‘concrete jungles’. But all good things require work! Allow Eviron Group to take responsibility for your important natural assets.

We can provide:

Regular identification of defects and areas requiring attention by a professional arborist
Regular cleaning of old growth and pruning of greenery to enhance plant health and aesthetics

Working within your individual constraints and timeframe is no problem – Eviron Group can tailor solutions to your budget and needs.


When your site is one made for the public, you as its primary guardian aim to create a safe environment. A key component to mitigating risk is early identification of hazards. This could mean anything from a menacing old branch, to fallen debris that may present trip a hazard around walkways and structures.

At Eviron Group, getting ahead of the hazard game is our bread and butter. We are able to both remove or manage one-off hazards, as well as preparing for and taking care of regular or seasonal factors.

Considering the ongoing health of your trees is another proactive way to reduce risk. A remedial prune will both improve health, and reduce the production of deadwood and defects, improving the safety of your site.


Let us dot the i’s and cross the t’s for you. While a lot of what we do is hands-on, our certified Level 5 Arborists will provide you with written tree reports through each stage of asset management. Where necessary, we can guide you through council and regulatory approval, and provide recommendations and advice on the most effective management of your assets.

This documentation can be used as evidence to support the ongoing safety practices and management of your site in the unfortunate case of a dispute or accident.

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