National Parks

Comprehensive Tree Care for National Parks

The Eviron Group provides extensive consultation and aboricultural management services to national parks in Queensland. Our versatile team also offers full tree health assessment and treatment to these parks, many of which are filled with diverse tree species. Our arborists supply expert advice concerning the ideal tree varieties to plant and where to place them for best growing results.


We can also guide our clients about which types of trees will grow next to one another and how to mix tree varieties for lovely aesthetic effects. Especially since national parks are designed to be places of serenity, beauty and outdoor activity to be enjoyed by the public, their unique mixture of tree species is a major factor in their appeal to visitors of all ages.


Tree care and maintenance is a huge operation in the expansive acres of these parks. The tree care procedures necessary to keep the tree growth healthy and flourishing may include soil amelioration, foliar applications and pest or disease control and management. Trees are routinely pruned and trimmed to maintain their health and best branch extension and overall shape. Any hazardous or dangerous trees are removed, to be replaced by new saplings to maintain good balances of tree species in forests and tree-lined areas.

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