Ah, palm trees.  Synonymous with the laid-back, Queensland lifestyle, they signify balmy nights and tropical days.  It’s not just a look – it’s a lifestyle.

And it’s all fun and games… Until your palm is unwell or standing in the way of safety or progress.  Suddenly maintaining the palms is taking up more and more of your weekends and lets be honest you’d rather be relaxing by the pool sipping pina colada’s.   

Well the good news is wer’e here to help and with some regular Palm Tree Maintenance you’ll be poolside in no time with the best looking palms on the block. 


What Can We Do For Your Palms?

We offer a range of services to keep your palms and yard looking their best.

Remember the tree won’t always need removing,  so get one of our friendly arborists out to give you a helpful opinion!  Sometimes, all it needs is a little friendly tree surgery to improve its health and/or safety.


Palm Tree Pruning

At different times of year, palms drop older and looser fronds, detracting from the look of the palm. For older trees, the fronds can be large and hazardous, particularly if left to fall in their own time.  You might also consider it necessary to remove the fruit or other growths from your palm, our palm pruning service covers that too.

Over pruning can also have a damaging effect on your tree – and knowing which fronds to remove to optimise your tree’s health is a bit of an art in itself.  We’re here to help!


Palm Tree Removal

As much as we might love the shade of a palm surrounding our homes with greenery, overtime, some trees can begin to present a hazard or create extra work with all the debris they drop.

You may consider it necessary to remove a palm tree if it;


  • Has been structurally compromised, (eg. loss of a large limb or a major split during a storm)
  • Attracts fruit bats or other unwanted visitors
  • Presents a possible hazard to people or property
  • Presents as a possible health hazard or allergen
  • Acts as a deterrent to a possible future renovation
  • Prevents a safe construction site
  • Or if the tree is diseased


If you’re a Queensland local, chances are, you’ve watched palm trees disappear as the result of disease – the most common are usually caused by moisture held in the tree by old foliage so let us assess the health of your tree and whether its salvageable before you make a decision on your course of action.



Palm Tree Shaping

Want to get the most out of your asset? We can help you optimise the shape of your palm with a few choice frond trims and removals without putting the growth of your palm in jeopardy.


Palm Tree Shaving

It can be hard to tell when your palm needs maintenance, and shaving is one of those services that we do not recommend to novice gardeners!  Over-removal of fronds can weaken the trunk of your tree and compromise its overall structural integrity. Get the Gold Coast Palm Tree Removal experts to give your tree an assessment first!



What Do We Do With The Tree After It’s Been Removed?


That’s totally up to you, our customer!  If you would like to have the tree chipped so you can return it to your garden, then it’s all yours – it’s your tree after all!

If you would prefer we remove the tree from the property for you, the tree will continue it’s life within the local community – we chip and mulch the wood and return it to the community for free.


When Do I Seek Palm Tree Pruning Services on The Gold Coast?


The best time to prune palms for the Gold Coast & northern river region is around Springtime, but remember – all trees are different!  That’s why a free quote and an assessment can help you make the right decision for your tree.


Established palms do require a little TLC, especially if you want to keep them healthy and growing on the up and up! Remember why you love your palms – don’t waste time worrying about them! That’s our job – so talk to the Gold Coast Palm Tree Service experts.