Choosing an Arborist or a Tree Lopper.


What exactly is the difference between an arborist and a tree lopper? While you might innocently use the terms interchangeably, the reality is, there’s a big difference… and a large part of that difference boils down to safety.

In a nutshell, Arborists are fully trained and insured, but tree loppers are not.  As a consumer, when you are putting trust in your assets and property, you want to be sure that you are in expert hands.


Why Remove a Tree?

As much as we might love surrounding our homes with greenery, sadly, some trees are capable of more harm than good.


You may consider it necessary to remove a tree if it;

  • Has been structurally compromised, (eg. loss of a large limb or a major split during a storm)
  • Presents a possible hazard to people or property
  • Presents as a possible health hazard or allergen
  • Acts as a deterrent to a possible future renovation
  • Prevents a safe construction site
  • Or if the tree is diseased

The tree won’t always need removing, so get one of our friendly arborists out to give you a helpful opinion! Sometimes, all it needs is a little friendly tree surgery to improve its health and/or safety.


A Detailed Focus

In the instance that a tree really does need to get moving, we do not recommend a DIY job. By connecting with a local expert, you’ll be putting the safety of all involved where it should be – first!

It isn’t as simple as the lopping itself. As a part of our service, we also handle any tree removal permits that may be required, as well as assessing possible stump removal.

We aim to offer our expertise and extensive knowledge of aerial and ground-based tree works and hold a very high expectation of our worker’s productivity, safety, morale and customer satisfaction with the result of the service. Above all, safe operating procedures are our absolute priority.


The Equipment

Working on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers, our expanding fleet includes 4WD utes set-up specifically for specialised rope-access and scoping personnel on rural utility networks.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our equipment; chainsaws, insulated tools, rigging gear, rope-access and extensive safety equipment is kept in excellent condition and regularly updated to the latest industry standard.

Offering an on-site assessment and free quote, our assessment is as much about covering safety as it is practicality and logistics.


What Do We Do With The Tree After It’s Been Removed?


That’s totally up to you, our customer! If you would like to keep the tree to use its wood for firewood (or whatever other use you can come up with), then it’s all yours – it’s your tree after all!

If you would prefer we remove the tree from the property for you, the tree will continue its life within the local community – we chip and mulch the wood and return it to the community for free.

By utilising a local expert, your arborist will be familiar with your local soils and tree types and offer you the most efficient removal at a reasonable price. So what are you waiting for? Get us to come and assess your tree today!