Schools and Universities

Professional Tree Care and Management for Schools and Universities

The highly experienced, professional arborists of the Eviron Group will assist the leading officials and administrators of educational institutions in offering their students a safe, attractive and inviting campus in which to study, gain knowledge and thrive to graduate with honours. We are full arboriculture service providers to state primary and high schools, private and independent schools, technical colleges and universities. Our tree care specialists also service both private and independent tertiary institutions.


All concerned school administrators want to provide a safe, welcoming atmosphere in which students will naturally want to learn and excel in their studies. When college, trade schools and universities put time and effort into working with a professional arborist group like Eviron to ensure that their campuses include beautiful, healthy trees, students and faculty alike will be inspired by their pure, natural and healthy surroundings.


Especially on playground areas of elementary schools and landscaped lawns around high schools, strong, well cared for and thriving trees provide shade from hot, direct sunlight while withstanding harsh conditions during stormy weather. With the skillful care of the Eviron Group team, these schools will never need to worry about raised tree roots and stumps or falling tree limbs and branches that can injure students during blustery weather or storms.


Along with ongoing assessment of tree health and providing tree care on school property, our experienced and concerned Eviron Group arborists will provide tree maintenance management services to colleges, universities and schools of all types. When busy leaders of educational institutions leave the dedicated care of their campus trees to our highly skilled tree technicians, these school administrators can focus on the best methods of teaching and running their schools while leaving their tree care needs to our experts.


With use of our tree management plans, our arborists will also take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of any buildings and walkways that have surrounding or nearby trees. By providing ongoing tree treatments as needed, they can help keep even large, aging shade trees in ideal condition throughout all seasons of the year. Our experts can create, sustain and enhance the overall beauty and allure of school grounds and campuses for the enjoyment of students, faculty and staff.

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