Shopping Centres

Qualified Arborist Care for Shopping Centres

Trees are an asset to shopping centre landscaping. Whether they are in full blossom or laden with lush green or autumn’s bright leaves, trees are attractive and desirable additions when placed on median strips of mall roadways, in decorative planters along sidewalks and surrounding the parking areas of these large malls.


Since these huge retail sales havens house multiple super-stores and many smaller boutiques as well as cafes, bars, restaurants and often, movie theatres, they are constantly bustling with shoppers, movie goers, diners and others who just want to relax with a casual coffee, tea or tall, cool drink.


Quality landscaping is very advantageous to the exterior design of these large shopping conglomerates, and trees are a major element in their overall layout and style. Many shopping centres have outdoor cafes and eateries that depend on the cool, refreshing shade and breeze of overhanging trees on hot, humid days of summer.


These trees need regular pruning and care, and the Eviron Group tree care specialists provide comprehensive arboriculture services to various shopping malls in the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers area. Pruning of amenity trees is performed when needed to clear road and building driveways and entrances or to reduce risk of weak and falling branches and lower wind resistance.

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