When it comes to pruning and trimming your trees, many people are faced with a dilemma of whether to pick a tree lopper or an arborist to do the work. You most likely look at the cost versus what is right for your trees. Here are a few facts to help you make a decision.


Quality of work

Tree loppers are your conventional tree cutters who work at a nominal fee. They are unqualified and not certified to take on the work. Therefore, their objects are purely on money and have nothing to do with the long-term health effects on your trees. On the other hand, an arborist takes care of the long-term effects of cutting the tree. He or she has the skills and equipment to ensure that your tree remains in good health after pruning. Moreover, they are professionally trained and certified to take care of trees.


Tree lopping is dangerous for your tree

Tree lopping involves indiscriminate cutting of branches and trunks to the tree with the aim of reducing the tree cover. This indiscriminate removal of foliage lowers the amount of food that the tree is able to generate therefore starving the tree. In the end, you end up with a weak or a dying tree.


Cost of the work

A tree lopper looks cheaper than the arborist on paper. Unfortunately, the lopper only provides short-term gains on your trees. Your tree may be irreparably damaged as a result, and you may have to call them back to complete that was not initially done well. On the other hand, an arborist does a better job but charges a higher price. However, he takes care of the longer-term effects of the pruning.


When you spread the cost of tree maintenance over a period of about eight years, you may be surprised to find that a lopper is twice as expensive as an arborist due to repeated need to rework on the trees.

Conclusion: arborists are better for you

Go for a choice that ensures that your tree is healthy, attractive and has a low maintenance cost. An arborist is more expensive than a lopper but the benefits spread over several years show that they are indeed cheaper.