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Our team has the expertise, skill, and technology required to uproot stumps of any size. We’ll utilise a ground penetrating radar to get an idea of how deep the roots go, allowing us to provide you with an accurate quote prior to removing anything.

The biggest advantage to getting a stump removed is the safety you’re adding to your property by having it gone. As it stands, stumps can act as a home for termites, white ants, or other creepy-crawlies that you wouldn’t want to hang out on your lawn. Stumps act as a breeding ground for an array of toxins and other bacteria as well, causing a safety hazard the longer it is left in the ground.

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We pride ourselves on our knowledge, extensive experience and professional approach to deal with all types of tree removal, utility asset maintenance and emergency response services.

Take the hassle out of tree care and maintenance and let the experts at Eviron Group look after it for you.

The Eviron team is highly skilled at evaluating tree management, maintenance plans and risk assessments. We care about the overall health of the trees and vegetation and are focused on what they’re going to continue to look like for years to come.


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