In the recent past, there has been an increase in the magnitude of damage to property and trees owing to storms. The storm season may cause flooding, uprooting of trees, or lead to lightning strikes that break branches. It is essential to prepare for the storm by putting in place measures to protect the property and your trees. Below are six things you need to have to keep yourself safe when the storm comes.


Ensure that insurance policy includes storm cover

Check with your insurance provider for a storm cover if it is not included in your current home insurance policy. A conventional cover against damage does not cover storm damage, therefore pick a cover that specifically insures you against storm and its effects.


Asses the likely damage that trees may cause in your yard

Inspect your trees for any damage that they may cause in case of a storm. If there are branches very close to power lines or other structures, they should be prunned. Call a professional to cut off these branches before the storm starts. He or she should also check the root formation to ensure that the tree is not at a risk of falling.


Secure outdoor items

There is a risk that outdoor items may be blown away by strong winds during a storm. Secure any items that are likely to be swept off. You can do so by storing small items away in a safe place and pegging others to the ground or poles to ensure that they are sturdy.


Clear the gutters

If the gutters are blocked, water will build up on the roof and leak out onto the walls of your house. This may cause flooding at the foundation of your home. Clean your gutters of leaves and debris and ensure that your drainage system takes away the water from the foundation of your house.


Put in place an emergency kit

You may experience prolonged power outages, the roads may become impassible, and you may be forced to evacuate in a short notice. Emergency kits offer the basics such as food, medicine, and emergency lighting should the storm make it hard to access these items from the outside.


Take care of the business premises too

Clear any branches and trees that may be too close to your business premises. Have the same done at your place of work to secure the building from possible damage.Proper planning mitigates the damage that may be caused to your home during a storm. Plan for any possibility during the storm including the emergencies to stay safe and comfortable during the foul weather.