Whether inherited with the property or painstakingly planted, the trees we choose to surround ourselves with enhance the aesthetic appeal and improve the value of our properties. As with all things of value, maintenance is key, and tending to foliage growth is instrumental. Rather than wing it, our certified arborists are here to help you make the most out of your trees, and to prevent their growth causing issues for their surrounds.


Let’s explore some common scenarios where tree pruning may be required on your property.


Improving Aesthetics + Value


Well shaped trees can bring new life to a property, and enhance its aesthetic appeal, while unmanaged trees can block vistas. By pruning trees, you can unlock better views from your back door, front door, or balcony, adding instant value to that space.


Established trees are also expensive to buy new, and existing trees add natural value to your land. Looking after your trees is a natural extension of maintaining your property. We aim to provide an overall garden property service that our customers can take advantage of. 


Damage Prevention + Safety


Prevent Clogged Drainage

A tree close to drains or gutters might provide shade to your home, but can also create a hazard to gutters or drains if branch growth starts to encroach on the building, or an excess of leaves overwhelm the gutter drainage system.


Bush Fire Protection

Clearing your drains professionally is also an important step in planning for bush fire protection, a process that begins from the outside of your home. Clearing gutters, and identifying dead, dry wood are just some of the areas we can help you to protect your home when the wind and the heat do their dangerous dance.  


Raise Clearance

Some trees may be obstructing passage and/or visibility for buildings or signs, and this is just one of the spots where pruning can come in handy. Crown raising allows visibility or passage without having to cut down the whole tree.

Just as trees can threaten to obstruct views, they can also obstruct passage, or visibility for buildings and signs. Where possible, we try to preserve trees. Our arborists can raise crowns to allow visibility or passage without removing the tree.


Avoid Impacted Lines

While we love to keep your trees healthy, your safety is the priority, so taking note when trees are starting to reach power lines or telecommunication cables helps us to keep you safe. Weak, overextended branches that are accidents waiting to happen can be safely removed by our arborist team.

A well-executed prune can truly be as fruitful as a holiday for your trees’ health. You wouldn’t cut your own hair, so leave your tree pruning to the experts, too! We take pride in our work preserving Gold Coast and Northern Rivers region trees. Let us work with you to conserve your tree over the long-term, rather than chopping the whole tree down before it’s time. Reaching out to an effective tree specialist can work out to be a cost-effective method for maintaining your trees – you may not know what extra services you’re missing out on!