Creating safe assets without excessive tree pruning or tree removal.


Big trees make a statement. It can be the way you identify your neighbours – eg. the house down the lane with the big blue gums, or the beach-front block with the pines that were planted by the original settlers.

Often, trees are a major part of the landscaping. We want to keep our large branches as they might provide shade to the house or yard, privacy from neighbours, or aesthetic appeal, and adding overall value to your property.

As our trees mature, they may become more majestic and valuable, yet the bigger the asset sometimes means the bigger the risk.


Reasons you may consider removing a large tree include;



Diseases can be hard to identify by the untrained eye. A variety of diseases can affect trees, and unfortunately, if not treated, can travel from tree to tree, affecting an area. A tree surgeon will be able to diagnose the cause for concern for your tree, and treat it accordingly.

Disease can also be carried by pests, who may also damage the tree on their own accord by simply inhabiting your tree. It’s imperative that you notify your tree surgeon as soon as you notice any unwanted tree visitors! Our surgeons diagnose, and use the correct chemicals or means to flush the pests, and can work to restore a disease-weakened tree back to health.


Trees can be damaged by storms, fire, a collision, or any number of accidents and disasters. Tree surgeons work to identify damaged areas, remove the necessary limbs, and prepare to strengthen weakened areas.

Growth rate

Sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing! When your trees are so healthy that their growth is escalating beyond your control, you may need to call in the professionals – and quick smart! – to prevent any damage to your property.

Improve a view vista

To carry on from healthy growth, sometimes, the value in our property comes from a view or vista – which means an overenthusiastic tree has the potential to decrease the apparent value of our asset! Careful tree pruning, rather than removal, is often suggested by our tree-loving arborists where possible.


The Alternative:


Have you considered bracing your large tree?


Through all of the trials and tribulations we have highlighted that might lead you to the conclusion of calling a tree surgeon, tree bracing is a strong alternative that helps decrease the need to remove branches or large ornamental garden trees. 

But what is tree bracing?


Tree bracing is the process of creating a structure to support a weak or potentially troublesome tree limb. Reasons you might choose to brace a branch instead of removing it include:

  • The assertion that it is not a ‘lose cause’ and could improve if properly supported
  • It adds value through shade or privacy
  • You would prefer a non-invasive method for treating your tree

Our team of arborists are trained to selectively brace branches,  providing support to weak branches through wind and weather, allowing a slow healing process, and the possibility for future growth.

Bracing a tree can add value to a property by securing an otherwise healthy tree without pruning it right back to a shadow of its former self!


Call our trained team of Arborists today to discuss bracing, and the safety of your tree. We would love to help you preserve your beloved, established tree for the next generation!