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Eviron Group is dedicated to providing the best possible service when dealing with residential tree care & maintenance. We understand and respect your property and will return it back to normal once all work is completed. This includes wood chipping and removal of all tree foliage. If you would like to keep wood for firewood or wood chips for the garden, let us know and we can easily arrange this as well.

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The cost of cutting a down a tree is always different. Some of the important factors we consider when giving you a quote are:

  • The overall height
  • Diameter of the stump
  • Estimated age of the tree
  • The tree species
  • The quality of the soil, stump and root system

Trees in hard-to-reach places may take longer to remove than others. If this is the case, you will get an honest quote that reflects the circumstances of your area.


The answer to this question really depends on where you live and what your local council has in place regarding trees and the removal of trees. All local councils have there own rules and regulations so its best to check first. If your having trouble getting the right information or you just want to engage expert help with this talk to us and in most cases we can handle the permit side of things for you.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge, extensive experience and professional approach to deal with all types of tree removal, utility asset maintenance and emergency response services. We can help make tree removal less complicated and a better experience for you overall.


Our qualified team are trained to the highest safety standards, allowing them to safely utilise their skills and equipment in asset maintenance practices including (but not limited to) Elevated Work Platform (EWP) work and tree climbing and securing the safety of your site..

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