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Eviron Group’s extensive arborist knowledge and training make us the perfect choice for managing even the largest of vegetated sites. We provide arboricultural management and consultation to national parks across
Queensland, as well as council and government-managed parks and reserves, theme parks, farms, and more!


There are many good reasons for clearing your land. You might be clearing old plantings or orchards to plant new crops, and preparing new space for farms and nurseries. It might be that you’re converting land to the development of residential or rural properties, or perhaps building more shedding and outbuildings for your business. For large sites, clearing your vegetation can become a massive undertaking – too big a job for one person to tackle alone! The Eviron Group team are well trained in the safest methods of large scale tree and shrub clearing. We use a combination of hand and machinery to safely and efficiently remove trees and shrubs that are standing in the way of your businesses’ progress, also helping to remove the excess debris.


Natural habitats are important for the ecosystem. A number of business across a wide variety of industries are now taking pains to create or restore natural habitats for the benefit of local flora and fauna. For those looking to regenerate native bushland, Eviron Group can help. One of the largest threats to natural habitats is introduced species. We are well-trained in the removal and control of weeds and invasive species, tackling those long-standing floral feuds and helping to improve habitats for native fauna. Eviron Group can also help you select and plant native and endemic species that will thrive and prosper on your site.


As much as we love a sunburnt country, Australia is prone to seasonally destructive bushfires. For the safety of your business and employees, it is imperative that you comply with the safety regulations set out by your local council, both when building, and consistently thereafter. Eviron Group are ready to help you clear any problem areas of your site in preparation for bushfire season. We can help to reduce the likelihood and severity of a fire through removal of natural combustible material around properties and buildings, offering an overall assessment, and flagging for you any potentially problematic ongoing areas. We can tailor our vegetation management services to be as all-encompassing, or as specific as you require. Whether you need a simple tree health assessment, site clearing, bushfire season preparation,or advice on varietals and site mapping, we’re here to help.

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